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I love working alongside passionate, driven business owner and CEOs. Supporting them to grow their revenue and customer base is an absolute privilege.

Tanya Cole

Hessel Group

As an organisation that prides itself on doing things differently, Hessel Group is always looking for new and innovative ways to approach the training sector. With this in mind, we engaged Sian to facilitate a project with our leadership team centred around developing new products and services for our existing markets and identifying opportunities to move into new markets we have previously not targeted. The project both confirmed some previous ideas and delivered a number of new ideas, each with significant revenue potential. This has given the Hessel Group some great projects to work on over the next 12 months which will support our continued growth and diversification.

Heather Jensen

Carrington Financial Service

Sian was instrumental in helping us to redevelop our product offering, ensuring it was in-line with the value our ideal new clients are looking for and unlike anything else on the market. The changes have given us a significant competitive advantage over the competition and will no doubt drive an increase in client numbers over the next year.

Rochelle Mutton


When I launched Motivate Kids I had no idea what I was getting myself in for. Sian helped me understand what was needed to launch and promote a new business and supported me to do everything right the first time.

Sian has made me feel like marketing is really not that hard after all and I can honestly say the strategy she helped us to develop has been pivotal to our success. We have achieved our original revenue goal ahead of schedule and have already had to take on two additional OT’s due to the incredible demand we have created.

It’s more than I ever could have hoped for.

Steve Richardson

SmartHome Automation

The work that Lotus Consulting have completed with us to identify a Blue Ocean Strategy has been fundamental to the growth of the business. I’m excited about the direction we are headed in and can already see the difference reflected in our financial figures.

Jackie Robinson

Adelaide Solar Repair

Before working with Sian we were struggling to effectively measure what was working with our marketing and what wasn’t. Sian helped us to create a process to effectively measure our marketing activities and also supported us to automate our approach to lead conversion. I am confident that the automation we are implementing will allow us to convert more leads to customers, increasing our revenue in the process. 

Dr James McLoughlin

Advanced Neuro Rehab

Sian very quickly understood our unique situation as private practice working in a specialty area. Sian was able to help our entire team focus on our core values and direct our marketing efforts toward increasing the public awareness of our important role as neurological and vestibular physiotherapists.

Our meetings with Sian were instrumental in planning our long term strategies around building a successful brand that both our patients and referrers can trust. Our entire team are have responded really well to our strategic plans, which is very important moving forward.

I look forward to future work with Sian, particularly as she knows both our history and ongoing plans, which makes her advice and support invaluable.

Kate Russell

Adelaide Conflict Management

Lotus Consulting assisted us in creating a strategic marketing plan for our business late last year. Having now implemented the strategy fully, the results have been staggering. Business revenue has grown 120% in the last 6-months, growth which is 100% attributable to the changes we have made to our marketing.

It’s been wonderful to work alongside businesses with big growth objectives and to have helped turn them into reality.

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