Are You Ready to Own Your Unique Genius and Step Up Your Game as a Consultant? 

If you’re done with ‘playing’ at being a consultant and are ready to start building a practice and income that reflect your knowledge, experience and expertise, this is for you!

Who You Are

You had a very successful career in the corporate world. Achievements and promotions came easily to you and you soon found yourself with a team and some significant responsibility in the organisation. But then something happened to bring it all crashing down. Maybe you lost your job as part of a  restructure, merger or acquisition… Maybe your health was affected by the pressure and stress… Or maybe you just realised there is more to life than working 60 hour weeks, flying here there and everywhere, spending more time with work colleagues than your family! And so you decided to go it alone…to put yourself out into the world as a consultant. How hard could it be, you thought…
But you’ve been at this for a while now. And, while you’ve had some success along the way, what you’re left with as profit at the end of the financial year leaves you feeling defeated. You’re passionate about what you do and the businesses you know you can help but finding clients is proving much harder than you initially anticipated.  The lure of returning to corporate and the very comfortable salary you left behind is hard to ignore, but you’ve become accustomed to picking your kids up from school everyday and spending your weekends relaxing with your family. Plus, your refusal to work 50 hour weeks traveling backwards and forwards across the country, barely getting to see your family and missing countless important family moments, means you’re now pretty much unemployable. If you’re going to have the life you actually want, you have to make your consulting business work, but you have no idea where to start.  You’ve tried to tapping into your network to no avail. You’ve looked at using LinkedIn but, in all honesty, have no idea what to do with it. You’ve had a website built but no one is visiting it. There’s a lot of time and energy going into your business right now but the results are underwhelming. You’re running out of steam and aren’t sure what to try next. You desperately want to enjoy a life of abundance and joy and believe your business can provide that. You just need the right support in place to get things moving, and quickly.

What next…

What would happen if someone showed you how to package up your knowledge and expertise into a compelling offering? And how to target the right prospective customers with the right message, at the right time, in the right way… Imagine what your income would look like if you could confidently go out into the market place with 5-figure proposals and win them consistently! What you and your practice need most right now is someone who has been exactly where you are now. You need someone who has built a consulting practice from scratch and can show you exactly how to market yourself – because you are your product. We can help you get crystal clear on exactly what your service offering is, who it is you’re actually trying to market to, and how best to get your message out there. We can teach you how to consistently sell 5-figure contracts in a way that feels authentic and non-salesy. But more than anything, what you need most right now is some morale support from someone who believes in you completely…even if you don’t quite believe in yourself yet. Someone who knows that you’ve made the right call and can guide you to create an income that proves it. At Lotus Consulting we know exactly where you’re at right now and how to help you move forward. Book your FREE strategy session today to find out more about our proven program ‘Succeed on Your Terms’ and how it can help you to step into your brighter future.

With three different coaching packages to choose from there’s something for everyone. 

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Plan of Attack
In the Plan of Attack package, we spend two days together in intensive strategic planning workshops. During the first workshop we will define your ideal client profile, your position in the market and the way this positioning will be represented by your brand and message. With your strategy outlined, we will develop your consulting ‘product’ offering, aligning it to your ideal client’s needs. During the second workshop, we will work together to take the learnings about your ideal client and your brand direction from the first workshop and will use these to develop a detailed marketing promotions plan for the next 6 months. This plan will also include content ideas for each marketing channel selected. Finally, we will develop a proposal template that you can use to consistently convert corporate prospects to paying clients without the need for pushy sales tactics.
Support and Accountability
In addition to everything outlined in the Plan of Attack package, I will continue to support you for an additional 3 months after our second workshop via phone and email as required. I will support you with the tactical delivery of the strategy including, but not limited to, the development of your collateral, advice on social media post writing, networking, and your online presence. I’ll assist you through any queries that arise as you start to implement the marketing promotions plan and will support you to make any course corrections as you start to understand what’s working and what isn’t. Essentially, I will be your on-hand marketing director, there and ready to assist you through any challenges that arise during implementation.  
Best Foot Forward
In addition to everything outlined in the Support and Accountability package, I will continue to support you for a further 3 months via phone and email as required. I will introduce you to my trusted network of providers and will support you to brief them effectively ensuring the best outcome for your campaigns. Then, at the end of our 6 months together, we will spend a final half-day together reviewing everything you have done to date and finessing your plan to ensure your success as you continue implementing the plan on your own.  

An Interview with our Founder, Sian Burton 

Got a burning question about how the ‘Succeed on Your Terms’ program works? You’ll find everything you need to know is covered in the interview with Sian, download the PDF now to learn more. 


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101 Ways to Attract Your Dream Client

Heather Jensen, Carrington Financial Service

Sian was instrumental in helping us to redevelop our product offering, ensuring it was in-line with the value our ideal new clients are looking for and unlike anything else on the market. The changes have given us a significant competitive advantage over the competition and will no doubt drive an increase in client numbers over the next year.

Steve Richardson, SmartHome Automation

The work that Lotus Consulting have completed with us to identify a Blue Ocean Strategy has been fundamental to the growth of the business. I’m excited about the direction we are headed in and can already see the difference reflected in our financial figures.

Jackie Robinson, Adelaide Solar Repair

Before working with Sian we were struggling to effectively measure what was working with our marketing and what wasn’t. Sian helped us to create a process to effectively measure our marketing activities and also supported us to automate our approach to lead conversion. I am confident that the automation we are implementing will allow us to convert more leads to customers, increasing our revenue in the process.