We believe marketing is the key to massive business growth

At Lotus Consulting we passionately believe in the power of marketing and its ability to transform your business.
Our mission to ensure as many business owners and CEOs as possible get to experience that power. We know that when you are confident you have a lever in your business that can quickly and effectively create an increase in new revenue, it changes the way you lead that business. You set bigger goals, you strive to be better and to serve more customers than ever before. When it’s done right, marketing is that lever and were passionate about getting that lever working in as many businesses as possible. Allowing them to transform and grow in ways previously unthinkable.

Meet our Founder

Sian Burton is the founder of Lotus Consulting and The 3PM Principle. She is also the author of the upcoming book, Marketing for Massive Growth: Transform your company’s marketing from a blackhole into a revenue-generating machine. From creating flyers to sell her hair braiding service at 12 years of age, to developing the entire marketing strategy for SA’s largest independent pharmacy chain, Sian has lived and breathed marketing for longer than she can remember. Over the last 15 years, Sian has used her knowledge and expertise in strategy and innovation to help businesses in over 20 different industries across five countries, to wrap marketing strategies around their commercial objectives, allowing them to achieve their revenue growth targets with ease. Her passion, guidance and support have added over $20million in additional revenue to the businesses she has worked with, allowing business leaders to breathe a sigh of relief and get back to big-picture thinking. Sian believes that marketing gets an unfair wrap. Often referred to as a ‘dark art’, ‘nothing but smoke and mirrors’ or worst still ‘a blackhole for investment’, marketing has long been the bane of most CEOs professional lives. But things have changed…a lot! Sian is passionate about educating CEOs on how to use marketing to achieve their commercial objectives whilst also reducing the strain on their workforce. It’s not about working harder, it’s about creating marketing strategies that allow you to work smarter, and developing those strategies is where Sian excels.  

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Heather Jensen, Carrington Financial Service

Sian was instrumental in helping us to redevelop our product offering, ensuring it was in-line with the value our ideal new clients are looking for and unlike anything else on the market. The changes have given us a significant competitive advantage over the competition and will no doubt drive an increase in client numbers over the next year.

Dr James McLoughlin, Advanced Neuro Rehab

When we engaged Sian our marketing strategy was in my head and I was aware that it probably had a number of holes in it due to me not being an expert on the topic. Sian quickly helped us to flesh out a full strategy that allowed us to start positioning ourselves properly in the market place. We adopted a number of new marketing tactics that we had not previously utilised and the results where phenomenal. By the end of our project with Sian, all five of our practioners were at capacity. Not only that, but I have a strategy and plan I am confident to implement and I completely understand the metrics I need to stay on top of to achieve maximum effectiveness with our marketing.

Steve Richardson, SmartHome Automation

The work that Lotus Consulting have completed with us to identify a Blue Ocean Strategy has been fundamental to the growth of the business. I’m excited about the direction we are headed in and can already see the difference reflected in our financial figures.