When was the last time you interviewed a marketing professional who understood Big Data and CRM systems?

Who understood Lifetime Value and knew exactly how to use data to increase yours?

For most of you, the answer is likely to be that you haven’t…

So what would happen if you hired a marketing manager who could build an agile, data-driven marketing department, and you were able to assess their performance on the right metrics?

You would see a massive shift in your results, that’s what.

The average lifetime value of your customers would increase significantly and you would become much more efficient at acquiring them.

Insights gained into their interests and behaviours would allow you to engage with your customers much more effectively, increasing customer retention and upsell opportunities.

Market share would increase due to reduced attrition and increased customer-spend, plus, you’d get to enjoy a huge sense of accomplishment at leaving your competitors for dust!

So if this is the result a marketing department that is on it’s game can achieve, my question to you today is: why are you settling for mediocre?

I truly believe if you move quickly to develop a solid marketing strategy based on data, build a marketing team with the capabilities to implement that strategy and use it to create change through your organisation, you’ll gain a substantial competitive advantage. That advantage will put you well on the way to achieving your growth objectives over the coming years.