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Your marketing should be the driving force behind new revenue creation and profitable growth. If yours isn’t, it’s time to figure out why.

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Getting nowhere fast?

Whatever frustrations you are currently dealing with in business, at Lotus Consulting we know that it simply isn’t an option for the business you lead to be in the same place it is today, this time next year.

As the Owner or CEO of a successful small or medium enterprise (SME) business, your focus is on continuous, profitable growth.

You’ve got some ambitious goals to hit over the next 3 years and know that the referrals and word of mouth that have grown the business to this point aren’t going to be enough as you ramp up the pace of growth.

Maybe your considering taking on a marketing co-ordinator to get things moving in the right direction…

Or maybe you’ve already taken one on but don’t feel like they have the commercial acumen to actually support revenue growth and profitability and are now stumped as to what to do next…

Either way, you’re not confident you have got the approach quite right but aren’t sure what it is your missing.

We can help.

A clear direction

At Lotus Consulting our focus is on assisting you to wrap strategic marketing activities around your commercial objectives.

Activities that are based on data instead of gut instinct and pie in the sky assumptions.

Activities that deliver measurable return on investment allowing you to see exactly what impact those activities are having on revenue growth and profitability.

You are capable of amazing things, as is the business you lead. All it takes is a fresh pair of eyes and a strategic approach to marketing to set the business on track for year-on-year growth that comes with ease.

So, whatever the business environment you find yourself in right now – whether it be increasing competition, commoditisation or even changes in legislation – know that with 15 year’s experience across more than 20 industries in five different countries, we are ready and able to support you in finding the path to profitable growth like never before.


Do you have massive growth objectives to hit but no idea exactly how you’re going to achieve them?


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Heather Jensen, Carrington Financial Services

Sian was instrumental in helping us to redevelop our product offering, ensuring it was in-line with the value our ideal new clients are looking for and unlike anything else on the market. The changes have given us a significant competitive advantage over the competition and will no doubt drive an increase in client numbers over the next year.


Tanya Cole, Hessel Group

As an organisation that prides itself on doing things differently, Hessel Group is always looking for new and innovative ways to approach the training sector. With this in mind, we engaged Sian to facilitate a project with our leadership team centred around developing new products and services for our existing markets and identifying opportunities to move into new markets we have previously not targeted. The project both confirmed some previous ideas and delivered a number of new ideas, each with significant revenue potential. This has given the Hessel Group some great projects to work on over the next 12 months which will support our continued growth and diversification.

Dr James McLoughlin, Advanced Neuro Rehab

When we engaged Sian our marketing strategy was in my head and I was aware that it probably had a number of holes in it due to me not being an expert on the topic. Sian quickly helped us to flesh out a full strategy that allowed us to start positioning ourselves properly in the market place. We adopted a number of new marketing tactics that we had not previously utilised and the results where phenomenal. By the end of our project with Sian, all five of our practioners were at capacity. Not only that, but I have a strategy and plan I am confident to implement and I completely understand the metrics I need to stay on top of to achieve maximum effectiveness with our marketing.

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